Hey guys, Tim here. Sorry for the two weeks missed of new comics for the 8th and 15th, but I just
recently had appendicitis and had a wonderful journey of pain and drugs. But I'm back in the loop
and illustrating away! Scott and I are also working on a documentary about SLAMPiG to put up
in our bio section. So instead of reading about our favorite color and ice cream flavor, you'll get
to waste five minutes of your life about a story as uninteresting as Britney Spears falling down a well
and cracking her spine.

Also, here's a little belated Easter gift:


Hello everyone! Got a new comic up in the comics section, so go enjoy!
In other news, we are now signed up at OnlineComics.net, Top Web Comics and Buzzcomix!
So be sure to check us out there and vote! Thanks!

Love, Tim and Scott


We are up and running! Enjoy our precious birth of a drowning, disgruntled babe.
Love, Tim and Scott